Kaju Katli

#Rakshabandhan Special Recipe

Kaju katli or kaju barfi is a well known sweet in all over India, but it is extremely popular in north India. Kaju katli is a most demanding sweet during festivals like Diwali , Rakshabadhan. This delicious dessert recipe not only has awsome taste, but even easy to make also.

To prepare this sweet you need only three ingredients kaju, sugar and water. In Traditional way Kaju katli is garnished with silver vark, but this is not a compulsory ingredient, especially when you are preparing it at home.

So make your Rakshabadhan more special with these delicious Kaju Katli.


300 gram Kaju
1/2 cup + 2 table spoon sugar
1/4 cup water
1/2 tea spoon clarified butter for greasing the plate.
Silver vark (varak) optional


1. To prepare kaju katli first of all you need to grind cashew like powder.

2. Now sieve this powder and set aside.

3. Take a non stick pan and add sugar and water in it.

4. Boil this mixture until sugar get dissolved in it.

5. Now add powdered cashew in it.

6. Cook it 5 to 6 minutes on low flame and stir continuously.

7. Meanwhile grease a plate.

8. When cashew mixture start to leave the pan, transfer it in to the greased plate and let it cool for 15 minutes.

9. Now take a butter paper and grease it.

10. Now place the kaju dough over the butter paper and fold the paper like, butter paper should be on top and bottom.

11. Now roll it to 1/4 inch thickness, remove the butter paper on top.

12. At this time apply the silver vark on that.

13. Set aside for about 30 minutes. Now cut into your desire shapes.

14. Now delicious kaju katli’s are ready to serve… Enjoy  and Happy Rakshabandhan😊

Khoa Pethha(Ash Gourd Sweet) Laddu

#Navratri special Recipe

There are many varieties and flavors of khoa (Dried whole milk) laddu like kesar khoa laddu, dry fruits khoa laddu and plain khoa laddu.

Today i am going to share khoa pethha laddu recipe especially for navratri fasting. Recipe is very simple which contains khoya, coconut powder, ash gourd sweet (pethhe ki mithai) and some dryfruits only.

This is one of the best North Indian sweet and famous for its taste. So must try once and after that i am sure, you will also become a big fan of it…




300 gram khoa (Crumbled)

150 gram Ash gourd sweet(pethhe ki mithai).

100 gram coconut powder

8 Almonds (chopped)




1. To prepare khoa pethha laddu firstly we need to grate the ash gourd sweet.

2. Now take a big plate and add khoa, grated pethha sweet and half quantity of coconut powder in it.

3. Mix them very well.

4. Now make smooth lemon sized ball out of the mixture and then cover it with coconut powder.

5. Likewise prepare all laddu and garnish them with chopped almonds.

This is very easy and super tempting recipe, So you can prepare it on any fasting or Navratri fast or any special occasion like Diwali, Rakshabandhan or whenever you want to eat something sweet…Enjoy!!😊

Kesari Halwa Or Rava Kesari

Today i am going to share an easy and quick dessert recipe which will add more colors and brightness to Special “Basant Panchmi occasion”. This is almost the beginning of spring season and season of blossom flowers so in line with that – we can see many varieties of yellow dishes on occasion of Basant Panchmi.



Basant Panchami is celebrated on the fifth day of Magh Masa ( During mid of Jan or Feb). This festival is especially considered for lover of art and education. Basant panchami is also celebrated as the birthday of Goddess Saraswati… So my this recipe is dedicated to Goddess Saraswati..




This  is popular indian dessert – Rava Kesari or Kesari Halwa. It is one of the easiest dessert recipe made by Samolina, pure ghee, sugar and nuts only. So Lets celebrate Basant Panchami with this delicious dessert



1/2 Cup semolina/suji/rava.

3 Tablespoon pure ghee/clarified butter.

4 Tablespoon sugar.

1 and 1/3 cups of water.

Pinch of saffron.

1 Teaspoon milk.

1/3 Teaspoon green cardamom powder.

2 Tablespoon mixed dry fruits as per your choice.

Pinch of kesari food color.



1. Take a non-stick pan, add semolina and clarified butter in it.


2. Now on medium flame, roast them until nice aroma comes out from it(stir continuously).


3. Meanwhile take 1 teaspoon milk and soak pinch of saffon in it.Keep aside.





4. When rava roast evenly and turn into light golden in color, then add water, sugar, pinch of kesari food color and soaked saffron, as well stir continuously to avoid forming lumps.



5. Now add cardmom powder, dry fruits and cook it for more 3 or 4 minutes. Now Kesari halwa or Rava kesari is ready to be served….Happy Basant panchami!!



Lauki Khoa Burfi

Bottle gourd or Lauki is a very common Indian vegetable and it is full of nutritional value. It is highly recommended in Ayurveda. There are lots of healthy recipes of bottle gourd but… in my thoughts only few are tasty out of them, because i am not lauki lover😜. So today I am sharing a tasty one which is very delicious in taste and also healthy during festival season. Yes this is bottle gourd burfi. This is very easy recipe you can make this sweet on any festival or when you like eat somthing sweet. In this recipe i am using only few ingredients.. grated bottle gourd, sugar, khoa or milk powder and some nuts only……



1.5 cup grated bottle gourd

1/2 cup + 1tbsp sugar

1/2 cup Khoa or milk powder

2 tbsp pure ghee

1 tbsp chironji

1/2 tsp green cardamom powder

1 tbsp almonds (Chopped)

1 tbsp melon seeds

1 or 2 drops of green food color(optional)



1. First squeeze out the excess water from grated bottle gourd.


2. Now heat a thick bottomed pan and add 2 tbsp of ghee and grated bottle gourd in it.


3. Mix it well and cover and cook it on low flame for 6 to 7 minutes.

4. Meanwhile grease a plate with ghee.


5. Now add sugar and mix well. Again cover and cook for 5 minutes.


6. After 5 minutes add milk powder,  cardamom powder, and some nuts in it.(stir continuousl)


7. Cook it for few more minutes until it turn thick in consistency. Now Add green food color and mix well.



8. Remove from heat, pour into the greased tray and spread evenly.



9. Sprinkle melon seeds crushed dry fruits  and chironji on it. Keep aside and when it cool completely cut into desire shapes…. serve and enjoy!!


Mohan Thaal

Mohan Thaal


#Kartik #Poornima #Special

Lord krishna has so many names and Mohan is one of them. So Mohan thal is very popular Indian sweet which is used for only lord Krishna’s bhog. You can make it on any special occasion like Janamshtmi, Kartik poornima and many more other religious festival. Mohan thal is popular in all over india but it was originally generated in Gujrat. In this recipe we need few ingredients which are easily available…Gram flour, sugar, dryfruits, khoa or milk powder. There are many variation to make this sweet but today i am going to share its easy version…i hope you all like it..



1 cup gram flour

1 cup khoya or milk powder

1 cup sugar

Half cup + 2 tbsp water

4 tbsp luke warm milk

Half tsp green cardamom powder

1/2 cup pure ghee

1.5 tbsp chironji

1.5 tbsp melon seeds

2 tbsp chopped almonds

3 or 4 peppercorn (crushed)



1. First we seive the gram flour in a bowl.



2. Add 2 tbsp melted ghee in gram flour, mix it well by rubbing both palm. Texture will become like a lightly rough powder.


3. Now with the help of milk we make a dough of gram flour mixture.Cover and keep aside for 20 minutes.




4. Meanwhile we make sugar syrup.




For sugar syrup… Add sugar and water together in a pan, cook it on medium heat until  two thread consistency.


5. Take dough and grate it (as shown in pictures).


6. Now add grated gramflour dough and remaining ghee in a heavy bottomed pan and saute it.


7. As soon as you are able to smell the fragrance coming from this mixture. Add milk powder or khoya in it. Mix them very well.


8. Now pour sugar syrup and some dry fruits and cardamom powder in it and cook it for 5 to 6 minutes.


9. Take a greased plate and spread the mixture evenly on it. Garnish with remaining dry fruits and crushed peppercorn.


10. After 3 to 4 hrs or when it cool completely. Cut into squares or desire shapes.


Now Mohal Thaal is ready for bhog of lord krishna….Enjoy😊!!


Coconut Burfi With Milk Powder

*Coconut Burfi With Milk Powder*


Diwali is the one of biggest festival in hindu culture, which is on its way and soon date going to arrive. So on this biggest Occassion, i am going to share one of easier sweet recipe. All homes and families are busy most of the time during this Occassion and most of the time we prefer to get sweet type of things from outside but in the time of changes, lets bring more changes on this Diwali and try to celebrate it with homemade sweet ….its a perfect and healthy idea for family and especially for kids… Yes this is Delicious Coconut milk powder burfi. In this recipe i used milk powder, coconut powder, sugar and some nuts and basic ingredients only. So lets celebrate this diwali with easy peasy coconut sweet….😊




1.5 cup coconut powder

1/2+2 tbsp milk powder

1/2 cup powdered sugar

1 tsp crushed green cardamom

1 tbsp butter

1/4 cup milk

1.5 tbsp coarsely grounded pistachios.




1. First we take a heavy pan and heat 1 tbsp butter in it on medium flame.


2. Now add milk and after few seconds turn flame on low and add milk powder in it. Mix nicely (stir continuously).




3. Now add powdered sugar and mix well.


4. After 2 or 3 minutes add coconut powder, crushed cardamom and mix well. Meanwhile grease the plate to be used for setting burfi with some clarified butter.


5. Now transfer this coconut mixture to the greased plate and spread evenly with the help of butter knife. Sprinkle grounded pistachios over this mixture and press gently with spatula so that they stick to the burfi.



6. After 2 to 3 hrs or when it cool completely cut into your desire shapes and enjoy Happy Diwali!!💐😊



Instant Khoa Peda

*Instant Khoa Peda*

#Navratri #Special


There are many varities and flavors of Peda like chocolate peda, kesar peda and normal peda. Today i am going to share basic peda recipe because we are in Navratri fasting period. Recipe is very simple which contains Khoya, powder sugar and dry fruits. This is one of the old indian traditional sweet and famous for its taste. So lets start making this yummy sweet….😊



1/2 cup khoa

1/2 + 1 tbsp powder sugar

1 tsp green cardamom powder

1 tsp coarsely grounded pistachios




1. Take a big plate add khoa, powder sugar and cardamom powder in it.


2. Mix them very well with greased hands.


3. Now make smooth lemon sized ball out of the mixture and slightly flatten the balls by pressing gently with your palm.


4. Garnish with grounded pistachios and serve with cold or hot milk as your choice ….during Navratri this is very good option for dessert.