Mohan Thaal

Mohan Thaal


#Kartik #Poornima #Special

Lord krishna has so many names and Mohan is one of them. So Mohan thal is very popular Indian sweet which is used for only lord Krishna’s bhog. You can make it on any special occasion like Janamshtmi, Kartik poornima and many more other religious festival. Mohan thal is popular in all over india but it was originally generated in Gujrat. In this recipe we need few ingredients which are easily available…Gram flour, sugar, dryfruits, khoa or milk powder. There are many variation to make this sweet but today i am going to share its easy version…i hope you all like it..



1 cup gram flour

1 cup khoya or milk powder

1 cup sugar

Half cup + 2 tbsp water

4 tbsp luke warm milk

Half tsp green cardamom powder

1/2 cup pure ghee

1.5 tbsp chironji

1.5 tbsp melon seeds

2 tbsp chopped almonds

3 or 4 peppercorn (crushed)



1. First we seive the gram flour in a bowl.



2. Add 2 tbsp melted ghee in gram flour, mix it well by rubbing both palm. Texture will become like a lightly rough powder.


3. Now with the help of milk we make a dough of gram flour mixture.Cover and keep aside for 20 minutes.




4. Meanwhile we make sugar syrup.




For sugar syrup… Add sugar and water together in a pan, cook it on medium heat until  two thread consistency.


5. Take dough and grate it (as shown in pictures).


6. Now add grated gramflour dough and remaining ghee in a heavy bottomed pan and saute it.


7. As soon as you are able to smell the fragrance coming from this mixture. Add milk powder or khoya in it. Mix them very well.


8. Now pour sugar syrup and some dry fruits and cardamom powder in it and cook it for 5 to 6 minutes.


9. Take a greased plate and spread the mixture evenly on it. Garnish with remaining dry fruits and crushed peppercorn.


10. After 3 to 4 hrs or when it cool completely. Cut into squares or desire shapes.


Now Mohal Thaal is ready for bhog of lord krishna….Enjoy😊!!



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