Spicy Daliya Pulav (broken wheat)


* Spicy Daliya Pulav*
Dalia pulao is simple and healthy version of pulao. Dalia or broken wheat is very healthy, nutritious, high in iron & fibre. Dalia is cooked with water and then mixed with fried vegetables. You may mix any type of vegetable and grains with dalia to make it more delicious…


1.Broken wheat / dalia = 1.5 cup
2. Water = 4.5 cups
3.Onion (chopped or sliced) = 1 4.Green peas (boiled) = 2 tbsp
5.Carrot (peeled and chopped) = 1 (small)
6. Potato (peeled and cubed) = 1
7. Green chillies slit =2 (adjust as per the taste)
8. Capsicum (chopped) = 1
9. Pinch of (Asafotida)hing
10. Turmeric (optional) = 1/2 tsp
11. Cumin seeds = 1/2 tsp
12. Coriander powder = 1 tsp
13. Salt to taste
14. Butter = 3 tbsp
15. Garam masala = 1/2 tsp
16. Chat masala = 1 tsp
17. Sweet corn = 2 tbsp
18. Red pepper powder = 1 tsp
19. Tomato (chopped) = 2
20. Ginger paste = 1 tsp
21. Fresh coriander leaves = 1tbsp


1. Dry roast daliya or broken wheat till you get a nice aroma.

2. Cook broken wheat on low flame along with potato and carrot in 4.5 cups of water. Cook it until it gets properly done. Switch off the flame and set aside.

3. Heat butter in a non stick pan, saute the onions till translucent. Add ginger paste,tomatoes and saute for two minutes.

4. Add the all chopped vegetables, boiled peas and sweet corn and fry for 3 to 4 minutes. Add salt and all spices and mix well.

5. Now add cooked broken wheat or daliya and mix well. Cook it for 2 to 3 minutes(stir continue).

6. Switch off the flame and serve garnished with lime slices and sweet corn or as your choice.


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