1. Milk— 1 liter

2. Vinegar or lime juice—-2 tbs

3. Sugar —–2 cups

4. Water—- 7 cups

For malai

1.Milk—5 cups

2.Saffron—- 1/2 tsp

3.Cashew—10 to 15

4.Almonds sliced —– 8 to 10

5.Green Cardamom powder —-1/2 tsp

6.Sugar—- 4 tbs


1. We need to prepare chena first boil the milk on high heat in a thick bottomed pan.

2.As soon as milk starts boiling turn the heat off and then add white vinegar or lime juice in it.keep on stirring the milk very slowly with a spoon.

3.In about 2-3 minutes complete whey will be seprated from chena ,pour the curdled milk into pan or bowl lined with a thin cotton napkin.

4.Once you are done adding all the curdle milk then bring together the edges of the cotton napkin and gently squeeze out the remaining whey from it.

5. Rinse the collected bundle of chenna in water this will get rid of the after taste and smell of both lime juice or vinegar,keep a weight on the chenna bundle for 6 to 7 minutes. Chenna is ready now.

6. Knead ,pressing with the heel of your hand,till the mixture is smooth.

7. Divide into twenty portion and roll into balls,taking care that there are no cracks.

8. To make syrup cook the sugar with seven cups of water stirring continuously till all the sugar dissolves.

9. Keep the flame high and put all chhena balls into the boiling syrup cook it for 18 to 20 minutes.

10. After 20 minutes balls will increase in size. Switch off the flame and let it cool down.

11. To make malai boil the milk into a thick bottomed pan and stirring continuously till reduces to three-forth then switch off the flame and  sugar, saffron and cardamom powder.

12. Take out the chhena balls from sugar syrup, press it with hand strain the water and put these balls into the milk. Garnish with almond cashew and saffron. Now Rasmalai is ready….


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