Shahi veg dum biryani

**Shahi veg dum biryani**


1. Basmati long grain rice—1 cup(washed,cleaned,and soaked in water for half hour)


2. Clarified butter—4 tbsp

3. Oil— 3 tbsp

4. Yogurt— 4 tbsp

5. Cumin seeds —1/2 tsp

6. Turmeric powder— 1/2 tsp

7. Green chilly— 1(sliced length wise)

8. Cashew nuts—-2 tbsp

9. Almonds— 7 to 8

10. Saffron—-30 threads

11. Salt—-1.5 tsp

12. Red chilli powder—-half tsp

13. Coriander powder —1tsp

14. Cinnamon—-1/2 inch piece

15. Black cardamom —-2

16. Bay leaf —1

17. Clove—4 to 5

18. Green cardamom—- 3

19. Black pepper—-8 to 10




1. Broccoli—-1 /2 cup

2. Green coriander—2 tbsp(finely chopped)

3. Capsicum green—- 1/2 (cut into half inch piece)

4. Bell pepper yellow— 1/2 (cut into half inch piece)

5. Bell pepper red—- 1/2 (cut into half inch piece)

6. Cabbage—-1/3 cup(finely chopped)

7. Mint leaves—8 to 10

8. Carrot—-1 (cut into 1 inch pieces length wise)

9. Potato—-1 (slice length wise)

10. Tomato—- 2 (cut tomato into small chunks)

11. Ginger paste— 1 tsp


**How to make shahi dum biryani**


1. Firstly boil 6 cups of water in any utensil. Add bay leaf,cloves,cinnamon stick,and peeled black cardamom in water.


2. When water start boiling add rice in the water and cook the rice 90% only, because they will be pressurized later.


3. Now strain the rice with help of a sieve. All excess water will be drained out.


4. Now fry vegetables in a pan. Heat oil in a pan and firstly fry potato on high flame ,fry until they get light brown color. Likewise fry all vegetables except green coriander and mint leaves.( keep the vegetables crunchy, don’t fry them too much).


5. Prepare masala… take oil in a pan and roast cumin seeds in a hot oil,add ginger paste, 2 cloves, green chilli,turmeric powder,coriander powder,tomato and cooked until tomato get mashed properly now add salt and red chilli powder and all fried vegetables .Now add yogurt in the masala and roast for few minutes more.

Masala is ready now.


Dum (pressurize)the biryani


1. Take one big and heavy utensil,add 1 tbsp clarified butter and layer half of rice.

2. Now layer the prepared vegetables on top of the rice, and spread it evenly.


3. Layer rest of the rice on top the vegetables and spread them evenly.


4. Sprinkle cashews and almonds,green coriander and mint, pour 3 tbsp of clarified butter.


5. Soak saffron in 2 tsp water and sprinkle it on top of rice. Now cover the biryani tightly and pressurize it for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes…. hot and tasty shahi vegetable dum biryani is ready…..


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