Sandwich roll ups

Sandwich roll ups (Kid’s special)


1. White bread— 3

2. Cheese slices— 2

3. Mustard—-1 tbsp

4. Peanut butter—- 1 tbsp

5. Shredded carrot—-1 tbsp




1. Cut off the edges of the slices of bread.


2. With the help of a roller pin, flatten the bread slices by rolling them.


3. To make peanut butter sandwich rolls, spread some peanut butter on a prepared flattened slice of bread and roll tightly.


4. To make a cheese and mustard sandwich roll, spread mustard liberally on a bread slice and place a cheese slice on it, roll tight and set aside.


5. To make cheese and carrot rolls, spread some cheese spread on the bread slice, place a slice of cheese over it and then grated carrot on one end , roll tightly from the end with grated carrot….


6. Cut and serve.


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