Sago seeds papad

wpid-collage_mania_52.pngSago seeds papad

Ingredients for sago seeds papad

Sago seeds—- 1 cup

Water ——5 cup

Salt—according to taste


How to make sago seeds papad

1.Wash the sago seeds and soak it for 2 1/2 hour in 2 cups water.

2.Take a deep pan and boil 3 cups of water in it.

3. Once the water starts to boil, add soaked sago seeds and salt. 

4. Stir it continuously so it will not stick at the bottom of the pan.

5. It would take about half and hour for sago seeds to get properly cooked,cook it until it gets thick and transparent.

6.Turn off the flame, sago seeds mixture is ready to make papad.

Next step…

1. Take a big sized polythene sheet for spread the papad mixture.

2. Start pouring the mixture over the sheet making small round of 2 1/2 to 3 inch like a chapati.

3. Repeat the step to make as many papad as you can from the mixture.

4. Maintain inch of distance between two papad.

5. After 6 hrs turn the sides of the papad before it gets over dried.

6. Let them dry for 2 days in the sun,sago seeds papad are ready.

Fry them in hot oil and serve with hot tea or coffee.


.You can use spices and flavor in the papad as per your taste preference.


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